Friday, June 17, 2011


Beans is one of the most versatile foods of the legume family and is responsible for the replacement of worn out tissues and cells of the body and also strengthens the body components and vital organs.
Beans and sweet potato dish is a dish of mynigerian recipe that is enjoyed by many people because of the combination of beans and sweet potato and when prepared well produces a dish with a tantalizing aroma and . Usually the measurement depends on the number of people the dish is meant for and all others apply. This dish is for four people. It is easy and simple to prepare and involves the following steps:


o   Beans white or the brown variety – 2 milk cups
o   Ground crayfish – half cup
o   1 big onion diced up or blended according to individual choice
o   3 medium sized sweet potato tubers
o   4 chili pepper washed and blended
o   Smoked fish - 1 big one for 2 small ones
o   2 Ponmo cut up into tiny bits and pieces
o   Maggi any type depending on individual choice but for this dish, we use knorr cube – double variety
o   Salt to taste
o   2 soup spoonful of palm oil
Note: some people actually use sugar to cook their beans and it comes out sweet tasting. But the sweet taste of the sweet potato will combine with the beans to produce a sweet tasting dish and addition of sugar to the dish is not advisable.


o   Measure out your beans and remove dirt and sand, wash and set aside

o   Cut the sweet potato into tiny bits, wash to remove all impurities and set aside covered in water. 

o   Set a clean pot or sauce pan with water on heat, pour in the beans and allow to cook checking the level of the water periodically for about 20 minutes so that it doesn’t become too soft.

o   Add the sweet potato to the dish after the time-out and mix gently with a spatula or a wooden spoon to prevent the dish burning.

o   Cook for another 15 minutes until the sweet potato becomes slightly soft.

o   Add the rest of the ingredients one after the other but do not stir or else the food will burn.

o   Cook for another 20 minutes or more for the whole dish to blend together and remove from heat

o   Bring the pot down and stir gently to properly mix the whole food together and serve immediately.